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  1. on the crest of the wave If someone or something is on the crest of a wave or on the crest of the wave, they are experiencing great success. Founded in , the group's members are confident they're on the crest of a wave. The sport at the moment is on the crest of the wave.
  2. Sep 15,  · If you say that you are on the crest of a wave, you mean that you are feeling very happy and confident because things are going well for you. The band are riding on the crest of a wave with the success of their new single. See full dictionary entry for .
  3. Oct 16,  · On the Crest of a Wave takes place on Ship Island, a locale which became an important part of her life. The island fort, which housed Confederate POWs during the Civil War, once was her playground and even a place of refuge during a /5(20).
  4. be on the crest of a wave be on the crest of a wave To be experiencing a particularly successful period. Right after I got married, I got a big promotion at work, so I'm really on the crest of a .
  5. Meaning of be riding/on the crest of a wave in English be riding/on the crest of a wave to be very successful for a limited period of time: Mrs Singh is still riding the crest of a wave of popularity.
  6. wave crest The highest part of a wave. See also crest; wave. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.
  7. rory gallagher live at the beat club german television " radio bremen " " crest of wave ".
  8. Feb 13,  · The origin is an arbitrary point on the path of the wave. The nearest crest to the origin at time t = 0 could be to the left or the right. Because if I draw a graph of sine function, the nearest crest to origin at t = 0 is either at (1, 3) or (-1, -3). I am not getting why it is located at (-1, 3).

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